Monday, January 16, 2012

Does Science Make a Belief in God Obsolete

The John Templeton Foundation is an organization that is committed to discussing and researching life's big questions like complexity, evolution, love, forgiveness and free will. I've posted a link to a number of essays discussing the big question of, "Does Science Make a Belief in God Obsolete?" These essays were written by various authors including notable atheists Christopher Hitchens, Steven Pinker and Victor J. Stenger as well as believers such as Kenneth Miller, Jerome Groopman and William Phillips among many others. I've read through quite a few of the essays and appreciated the wide range of opinions and thoughts. Due to studying at this moment I do not have time to post my thoughts on all of them but I hope to a later date. Perhaps though you will enjoy them for yourself. So please take some time to read through them and do not limit yourself to just one side of the debate. Enjoy.